2018 New York Auto Show New Car Photo Gallery – The 10 Best Cars of 2018

2018 New York Auto Show New Car Photo Gallery

The term sports car is a vague one. Yes, they need to be fast, have a vivacious engine and be engaging when you want to enjoy yourself, but there are so many niches within the term.

You have some which are so focussed on the sports element that they resemble stripped out track cars made for the road, while others are lovingly crafted and place comfort and luxury above the traditional callings of a sports car.

Even how they deliver their thrills are different, with some manufacturers making the engine the shining star, while others focus on balancing and fine-tuning to make the cars shine when the road gets twisty. Regardless of the approach, we have done the tough job of crafting a list of the best ten sports cars currently on sale to help you decide.


Acura made a big deal out of its “concept” RDX in Detroit this year, but anyone who looked at it closely could see the production car underneath. To that end, Acura showed off the actual production version in New York, and we’re really looking forward to getting behind the wheel of this NSX-inspired crossover.

Alfa Romeo:

While Alfa didn’t have anything big to debut this year, it did bring out the intense-looking Nero Edizione (aka Black Edition) package for both the Giulia and the Stelvio SUV. Frankly, both were hot looking before but this is a seriously tasty appearance package. Selecting the Nero Edizione pakage will net you black grille surrounds, mirror caps, window trim, badges, wheels and wheel caps as well as headlight bezels and some brake caliper color choices. The Stelvio also gets black roof rails and blacked-out rear fascia trim. No word on pricing but we expect to see it next year.


When heard that a new Audi Sport model would be making its debut in New York, we expected it to be another version of the RS5. Maybe a convertible. Or perhaps a super-hot Sportback version. That’d be nice, right? Well, dangit, we were right and we’re patting ourselves on the back while secretly cursing our bank accounts because the RS5 Sportback is a big green want-inducing machine.


We were looking for another Geneva carryover here and that’s what we got. BMW debuted the refreshed X4 crossover-coupe in sporty M40i guise but that’s about it.
What we do know for sure, however, is that Audi will show US customers the 2019 A6 that recently debuted in Geneva.


The Chiron Sport is making its way to US soil for the first time ever and we’re excited. The Sport takes the normal Chiron’s 1,500 horsepower drivetrain and adds torque-vectoring. It also adds stiffer suspension, more aero and loses 40 pounds. It only adds $400,000 to the cost of a Chiron. Bargain, right?


Cadillac gave us the CT6 V-Sport, which is cool and all, but it’s what’s under that sedan’s hood that excites us most. This marked the debut of the twin-turbocharged 4.2-liter V8, Cadillac’s first bespoke engine since the Northstar V8 that powered many a front-wheel-drive retirement car.

That’s not all, though. Cadillac also unveiled its new XT4 at the New York show, a crossover the company teased during the Super Bowl and Oscars.


Ford wheeled out the lightly refreshed 2019 Fusion for us and it’s not bad. The Fusion doesn’t see a lot of changes in the aesthetics department, but the plug-in hybrid version gets more EV range and becomes the first car in Ford’s lineup to get the Co-Pilot360 driver assistance package as standard equipment.


Not that long ago, Genesis boss Manfred Fitzgerald told us the Korean luxury brand has something big in store for the New York show and it delivered with the Essentia electric concept, a super sexy 2+2 that makes pretty much everything else on the show floor look frumpy by comparison.


While GMC showed off its new Sierra pickup at an offsite event in Detroit a few weeks ago, the truck made its official in New York, and we’re excited to check out the just announced AT4 off-road trim level for the new Sierra which features a two-inch lift, locking rear differential, two-speed transfer case and skid plates. GMC also had Black Editions of the Acadia and Terrain SUVs on hand, too.


Honda showed off a pre-production version of its new Insight Hybrid back in January at the Detroit Auto Show but now, for New York, it’s got the production version ready and its planning on making some waves. Positioned between Civic and Accord, the Insight Hybrid looks a little like both but also has its own unique vibe, which we like. Honda is estimating that the Insight Hybrid will average 55 miles per gallon in town, so this will be a big deal when it hits showrooms later this year.