Best New Cars 2019 – The 10 Best Cars of 2018

Best New Cars 2019

The biggest trend 2019 year is set to be the arrival of a wave of new electric cars. As well as Mini, you’ll also see Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Honda and Polestar (Volvo’s electric car brand) launching battery-powered cars, the beginning of a new dawn in driving that will only continue to expand and improve over the next handful of years.

Some of those electric cars promise sensational performance, as do new versions of the Porsche 911 and Toyota Supra.

Read on to find out whether it’s worth waiting for a new car in 2019, or looking for a great deal on a model that will soon be replaced.


2019 Audi Q4

On sale 2019
Price from $38,000 (estimated)

What’s the Audi Q4? It’s a rival to the BMW X2. What’s that? A cross between a high-riding SUV and a low-slung coupe. Confused? Don’t worry, this is a niche that is likely to grow in popularity, as many drivers who have owned an SUV for several years look for something more stylish to replace it with. At the compact end of Audi’s SUV family, it will feature petrol and diesel engines, and a plug-in hybrid and electric model.

2019 Citroen C5 Aircross

On sale late 2018
Price from $29,000 (estimated)

By the end of 2018, French car maker Citroen will have a rival to the hugely popular Nissan Qashqai, in the guise of the C5 Aircross. It is a large, practical five-seat family SUV that hopes to win over drivers with its overtly adventurous design. Perhaps wisely, the company is initially launching the C5 Aircross with front-wheel drive and a system called Grip Control, which helps maintain traction on slippery surfaces. A four-wheel drive model and plug-in hybrid are expected to join the range at a later date.

2019 DS 3 Crossback

On sale Spring 2019
Prices from $26,000 (estimated)

The popular DS 3 is being replaced with a crossover version that’s taller than the existing car. The all-new DS 3 Crossback promises to be significantly more luxurious, and will be available with a Nappa leather interior, flush-fitting door handles that pop out when the driver approaches the car, and high-end Focal sound system. Expect to pay more for these last two features when the car goes on sale next year.

The new car retains the “shark fin” between the windows – like the old car, but comes with two rear doors as standard, giving it a much chunkier and less compact design. An electric E-Tense version will also go on sale next year.

2019 Honda CR-V hybrid

On sale 2019
Price from $38,000 (estimated)

The new Honda CR-V actually arrived in the UK this autumn. It has a 1.5-litre petrol engine and the option of seven, as well as five, seats. However, the model already setting tongues wagging is this hybrid version, comprising of a 2.0-litre petrol engine, two electric motors and a single fixed gear ratio, a system Honda calls Intelligent Multi Mode Drive (i-MMD).

This new model will arrive in 2019 with a job on its hands, because there’ll be no diesel-powered CR-V. The efficient new hybrid version is intended to replace it. With sales of new diesel cars plunging, it’s perhaps not such a tall order – as long as Honda gets the new model’s pricing right. What won’t help is that there will be no seven-seat option with the hybrid model.

2019 Land Rover Defender

On sale 2019
Price from $38,000 (estimated)

Replacing the original Defender with an all-new model fit for the 21st century has been no easy task. The DC100 concept car, above, was unveiled in 2011 and mixed reactions sent Land Rover back to the drawing board. It’s now been two years since production of the old car ceased and potential rivals haven’t been slow in coming forward, including a new Jeep Wrangler and a privately-funded start-up company that’s aiming to produce the modern equivalent of a Defender.

So, in 2019, expect the new Defender to be revealed. Rumours are that it will be even better off-road than before and have a close family resemblance to Range Rover models.

2019 Mercedes GLE

On sale January/February 2019
Price from $70,000 (estimated)

Mercedes has put as much water as possible between this all-new GLE and the mediocre predecessor that it replaces. The new car looks considerably more modern and comes with the option of some cutting edge technology, including air suspension linked to a camera that adjusts each wheel individually to pre-empt potholes and bumps on the road ahead, which can also lean into corners like a tilting train. A glossy widescreen dashboard comes as standard and there’s the option of seven seats for the first time.

2019 Nissan Juke

On sale March 2019 (estimated)
Price from $20,000 (estimated)

With the mechanical parts from the latest Nissan Micra – a good car – Nissan is aiming to bring the Juke back up to date, with more space, comfort and equipment to match the increasingly tough competition.

Expect the individual design to continue: the current car continues to be a hit for Nissan, even though it’s almost a decade old.

2019 Seat Tarraco

On sale December 2018
Price from $35,000 (estimated)

Seat’s seven-seat SUV could provide a new level of luxury and technology when it goes on sale at the end of this year. It’s tipped to be fitted with a fully digital dashboard (including the dials behind the steering wheel) as standard, and is said to offer class-leading quality. Combined with the promise of nimble and comfortable performance, it could be a compelling alternative to the Kia Sorento, Hyundai Santa Fe, Skoda Kodiaq, and even the Land Rover Discovery Sport.

However, it remains to be seen whether the claims stack up. The first cars are expected in Britain at the beginning of 2019.

2019 Skoda Vision X

On sale 2019
Price from $20,000 (estimated)

Crossover cars, which combine the mechanical parts of a small hatchback with the taller shape of an off-road car, are becoming more fashionable. In recent months we’ve had the Seat Arona, Citroen C3 Aircross and Kia Stonic, and next year, we’ll have the Skoda Vision X.

Smaller than the Karoq crossover, the Vision X is intended to look more stylish than both. The concept had a hybrid system so we expect that to appear in the production model, along with a choice of petrol and diesel engines.

2019 Suzuki Jimny

On sale 2019
Price from $16,000 (estimated)

Anyone who has hired a Jimny on their holiday will know just how tough and capable the little off-roader is, so it’s good news that as it comes to the end of its long, 21-year life, there’s an all-new one lined up for 2019.

Suzuki has sensibly chosen to stick with the rugged, no-nonsense formula that stood the old car in such good stead. There’s little news on engines but the new Suzuki Ignis, with its hybrid system and four-wheel drive suggests there could be something similar in the wings for the new Jimny.

2019 Renault Kadjar

On sale First half 2019 (estimated)
Price from $28,000 (estimated)

This may look like the outgoing Kadjar, but we promise, this is the new model (we double checked). Coming to the UK early-mid 2019, the new Kadjar will go toe to toe with the Peugeot 5008, Skoda Kodiaq, and Nissan X-Trail.

As well as some minor exterior and interior changes, there are new engines on offer for this model, including a punchy 1.3-litre petrol engine in 138 or 157bhp tune. There’s a diesel too – a 1.6-litre with 113 or 148bhp.

2019 Toyota RAV4

On sale Early 2019 (estimated)
Price from $35,000 (estimated)

Like the Renault Kadjar above, the RAV4 will square up against stiff competition in the quite-large SUV sector.

The Rav looks set to be much better off-road than most other offerings in this sector though. Reduced overhangs and a slightly higher ride height than the outgoing model will make sure of that. We should also mention that it’s available as a hybrid.

2019 Volkswagen T-Cross

On sale Early 2019
Price from $21,000 (estimated)

Like the Skoda Vison X further up this list, the T-Cross is a tiddly SUV and will go up against an ever burgeoning small SUV/Crossover segment.

It’s not necessarily sporty, but it is utilitarian, boasting a 385-litre boot. And while the seating position is set high, it won’t be available with four-wheel-drive.